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    Hey all – Thanks for your support so far!  Thanks to you, Elderine has met its target on Kickstarter, followed by being Greenlit on Steam!

    I have now released a demo of the game and have fixed any bugs that have been identified by players on the forums here.   I am also working on creating the rest of the game, and will provide updates here.

    if you have any questions about Elderine, its development or have ideas or suggestions, please do let me know.


    • I have commissioned more music for Elderine.  Steven Settinger has been creating the music for Elderine and certainly knows how to create the right atmosphere.
    • I have started talking to a few artists to help create new artwork for the game.  Mainly, new portraits for the main character speech, some new monster sprites, and general artwork for the game.
    • I am currently working on the City of Haspar (this is where the Demo ends)  I have already complete parts of the game after Haspar.

    What do I still need to do:

    • At least 3 more dungeon areas
    • More and more story telling!
    • More work on the base building/questing area.
    • Create environment north of Haspar for 3 dungeons plus other areas.
    • Add some emotion to the game.
    • Add more alignment choices, and an alignment game changer quest.
    • End game area.
    • Extra Game area (kickstarter target) which will be accessed after the “Main Boss” of the original game idea is defeated.
    • Add NPCs and Quest ideas provided by Kickstarter pledgers.
    • lots of testing
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